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Shipping is done using USPS. Currently we are expecting longer than normal shipping and processing times due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened holiday shipping. Currently we have a 4-6 week order processing turnover at minimum - this means it will be approximately 4-6 weeks until your order begins being packed to ship. If you have ordered a custom or made to order item, that processing time will be longer. Once I have shipped you will receive a tracking number.

Shipping and processing expectations are longer on made to order items like screenprints and individually blended incenses. Please be prepared to wait 6-8 weeks on all items that contain these items. 

Please be aware that I am a single disabled artist working on my own. Everything is produced in house and done by me. If I have a day of poor health I can sometimes take a little longer than predicted. I will never forget you and always work hard to keep you informed on order status. If you are especially late you can always expect extra goodies and coupons to make up for any extended wait times. I do apologise for any invonvenience this may cause.

If you need your order by a specific date, please make sure to add on the 'Rush Order' fee which will guarantee your item ships within in 3 days of purchase provided the order does not contain made to order items like screenprints. Those items take longer, so please send contact us before ordering to ensure your needed delivery date is possible.


As much as I try to accomodate every customer, I cannot offer refunds or returns at this time. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL INFORMATION ON PRODUCT LISTINGS. There you will find a full list of ingrediants, restrictions, and warnings. Please note that herbal products are all intended as curio for magical use only and are entirely at your own risk. Some of them contain deadly poisons. So it's important to make sure that you read ALL the info in the listing. Here you will also find a reminder about my EXPECTED shipping times. These can fluctuate. The Poison Thicket is a small business run and operated by a single disabled artist. In addition to delays due to the pandemic which are detailed further below, I am also one single individual who wrestles with a variety of health concerns which can flare up and cause me unexpected delays. I love what I do and I love creating bespoke authentic magical items, but my health challenges do slow me down on occassion and can some times add to wait times.

As a reminder here, TYPICAL turn over times range from 4-6 weeks MINIMUM and change depending on a variety of factors such as how many orders I have in queue, what those orders are, what you have ordered and if it is a custom item, how my health is, and how long I have to wait for supplies. I will always do my best to have things out by the end of 6 weeks but if it takes a little longer please do not fret. If you are curious about the status of an item, please feel free to reach out via e-mail. If you need your item sooner, you can purchase a Rush Order Add-On on the site for $50 which will guarantee your item ships in 3 days (provided it does not contain made to order items in which case there will be a necessary longer wait discussed through e-mail before purchase).

THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM AND MADE TO ORDER ITEMS. And please note that custom work takes longer and materials for your item wll be paid for out of your total at the time of purchase.

You will recieve an estimate at time of order on production time.

Everything is created in house, and more or less to order. Oils are created in small batches, poured sealed and labeled but still have other handcrafted elements like the screenprinted bags that they come in which are presently made to order. Incense is created in small batches and stored in bulk as it has a longer shelf life this way, particularly kyphi incense, and then jarred and labeled in hand-etched jars to order. Screen-printed items are all crafted in house to order and take time to cut, weed, and transfer stencils, as well as carefully screenprint, allow to dry, and then cure. Candles, vinyl items, prints, stickers - everything is done in house by me including many of the packaging elements. Because everything is made to order many supplies are purchased specifically for your item. 

Additionally we are in a pandemic still which effects my shipping and processing times as I have to replace supplies I might have to order. I get unexpected delays on things, sometimes it takes the post office an extra day or two to get things going once dropped off because we lost quite a few mail sorting machines in this area and things get slow particularly around holidays and other high traffic shipping times.

I package everything very carefully and I AM always happy to replace broken or damaged items, but I cannot acccept return on herbal items once they have been shipped and I cannot currently accept returns on other items due to the Covid-19 virus.

These are all factors that go into our policy on refund and exchange and why it is at present not possible for us to do. 


Many of our products include poisonous substances such as plants in the Nightshade family that contain toxic alkaloids like Datura, Brugsmansia, Belladonna, etc. These products are crafted and intended as CURIO ITEMS for collectors and curiosity seekers only. For those interested in learning how 'flying' products were used by historical practitioners in times long past, please visit this blog post: The Devil Amongst The Weeds: Historical Use of Nightshades in Witches' Flight.

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